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Guild meeting Recap
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:33:09 PM »
So some guildies who missed the meeting have been asking what they missed. This is an overall summary of what was said. If you have any questions please ask.
First,  Guild Policies for BFA.

-We are a midrange guild. We arenít going for cutting edge, nor as we casual scrubs. So donít except hardcore mythic pushing and donít except to not kill some mythic bosses. AoTC and metaís are a must.

-Raid time 6:45-9:00 (server time) tues/thurs/sun. Raid invites go out between 6:30 and 6:45. This doesnít mean show up at 6:50 and ďlol summonĒ.  Be in raid and in the dungeon ready to pull at 6:45. We only raid 2 hours effectively so we need to make that time count as much as possible.

-A similar schedule. Raiding 3 days of normal/heroic, then heroic clearing. Then once we got heroic down to two days we may cut out Sunday (or try a Sunday mythic boss), Then when heroic is a one night clear we may go one day mythic.  Then eventually cut out heroic after a long farm and do some mythic bosses and may re add Sunday to do metaís or alt runs if there is an interest. Also we usually break 3 to 4 weeks before a new tier so you will get a break there.

-leaving early and coming late, you need to tell us at the start of a raid if you need to leave early. Also tell us if you will be late a certain day.. If you are perpetually late cause of real life and getting home thatís fine, just let us know your situation. I know there are a few who barely make the raid time coming home and if you are 5/10min late each day thatís understandable and a different situation. IF you leave early yolo and just say ďoh guys, gotta goĒ randomly in a raid without telling officers you had to leave first especially on a progression night full of wipes. It will reflect poorly upon you. Donít do this! We are only raiding 2 hours a night effectively so if you leave early or come late it hurts. Obviously if itís work related and canít be avoided thatís fine. Better late than never. Also I suggest using discord forums to say if you are late/early. And if itís perpetual repeat it sometimes so people donít forget. Also if itís an emergency cause your kid just stuck a knife in a light socket or something thatís fine too. If your power goes out, please use the discord phone app and let us know.

-No required raiding. Just like before we donít have a raid requirement or a % of raids you need to be here for. If you can make every raid, you should want to be in every raid possible. Note that inconsistency does matter. If you just log for 3 weeks and say nothing we can only assume you are losing interest in the game and therefore arenít that serious about raiding. But if you need to miss because of vacation, work, real life ect thatís fine. Miss all the raids you need to miss to keep your real life in order. Just please let us know.  The policy on this is better than 99% of other raiding guilds out there. Many will demote you or kick you if you canít make raids. We on the other hand understand real life comes first. Try to make every raid, if you canít you wonít be punished. Everyone is allowed to miss some raids sometimes but if you quit early or miss lots of the raids we will need to recruit to fill your spot if you are massively gone. So try to make most the raids.

-Alts, same as before we are not a pro alt guild. You can have alts and do w/e you want with them but they will not be brought into the main raid ever. Donít bother askingÖ

-Main switching/swapping, overall not allowed to do until a new expansion. CHOOSE WISELY when it comes to your main. If you are someone who likes playing a new class every tier, or playing flavor of the month classes you will be told no. You are stuck with that class so I hope you like it! Reasoning being main swapping overall almost always hurts the guild. Going into a new tier itís basically usually carrying a completely dead weight character to gear up. We arenít into min/maxíing certain classes and specs just for progression, we arenít Method. BM hunter and ret pallies were low on logs for mythic. Who was on top of our meters quiet often? Ret pallies and BM hunters, so if you are good at your class you will make it work fine. However, rerolling for the good of the guild to a needed roll or switching from one geared dps to another geared dps may increase your chances of the officers allowing you to switch. However you need an officer majority to back the decision and at the moment itís very unlikely and itís only happened once so far. If you are unhappy playing your main and want to switch I wonder why you chose that class as your main. CHOOSE WISELY! Donít make us the bad guys when we tell you ďNo!Ē.

Second, Main Declaration.

-You need to Declare your main raiding character for BFA. CHOOSE WISELY! At this point you could technically play any class. Class buffs were kind of scratched so not all classes are technically needed.

-You may want to tank or heal and thatís fine for M+ and you may get to do it in a raid sometimes however tanking is highly unlikely and healing is unlikely atm. We had solid tanks/healers for raiding last tier and they havenít went anywhere so you may fill for them if they are gone or I may ask a main tank or healer to dps on farm content so someone else can learn the fights but at the moment overall I hope you like dps. However depending on how much each person pushes itís technically possible to do that role.

-Meril is going to mass demote and re promote in bfa after you declare your main. Donít pay attention to guilds ranks as much. Heís still working on it.

- Play whatís fun to you! Blizzard buffed and nerfed accordingly to legion and they will do it even more for BFA. The classes have to be more balanced than ever before because they canít balance around tier anymore so each class will be fine tuned even more. Play what you enjoy, not what is flavor of the month. Ect.

- If you are a hybrid please learn your whole class. Itís better to be Flexible and good at multiple roles for raiding but especially for M+. Since main stat matters more than secondary stats and the azurite neck is spec wide you effectiveness to play another roll will be very effective. FLEX PLAYERS SAVE MYTHIC PLUS! Make Mythic+ great again! If you can flex you are priceless, if you canít flex you are a one trick pony. You may be good at that one trick, but still.  Master your class!

Third, Overall Raid policies.

-Consumables! You have 3 whole weeks to get pots, food, flasks together. If you arenít potíing (both pre and during) I will eventually work you out of the raid. I know sometimes people forget the 2nd pot, I know sometimes people die early. But last tier sometimes people didnít even prepot!  No excuse for that! Also donít pot on progression until I say we are ready to kill it. While learning a new fight mechanically donít blindly waste them I will make a judgment call in raids to let everyone know. RunesÖ are expensive and being on our server they cost a lot and will be harder to get so they arenít required right away til prices drop to something reasonable.

-Care about your performance! No one should want to be carried. You should care about your parse on warcraft logs (within reason donít stand in fire I understand logs arenít everything). You should care about your raider IO score. Try your best while raiding! In the past we havenít sat anyone for underperforming but while in heroic coven/agg/argus we did talk about it. The truth is sitting people feels terrible because you want to kill a boss as a guild together and it makes it more fun and means something special. If you had to remove someone who was low dps it feels bad to that person to be kicked out for bad performance. Now, we decided overall not to do this, but itís still technically possible. We arenít asking for everyone to do Norris level damage, but we do need you to try and stay above the gray parse (I know everyone has a shit parse sometimes not what I mean).  By the end of Antorus mythic everyone was doing great and performing very well, so everything worked out, but please try to do everything you can to better yourself both in game and out of game (relating to wow of course).

-Impress your peers! So raids are flexed and bringing in more people = a fatter bigger boss. So ask yourself ďam I worth brining into the raid? ďDo I enhance the raid?Ē ďDoes my presence overall makes this raid betterĒ?   Or am I just sucking up loot? You should want to carry your weight, people should be glad you join the raid. Everyone should be happy you are in the raid and be like ďalright Norris is here now, big damage now we got this!Ē instead ďoh shit, Norris is here, now the boss will be harder and scale to have higher healthĒ. Because of flexing you need to carry a certain amount of damage on a boss otherwiseÖ you are dead weight so do your best to not be dead weight and earn the respect of your guild mates, prove yourself to your peers!

Required mod 1, Use DBM or BigWhigs (acting like DBM and turn on call outs) I would prefer if everyone used DBM however as long as I see your call outs I fine with w/e mod you use.
Required mod 2, Angry Assignments.
Required mod 3, and unnamed and unknown loot distribution mod. We used Personal Loot Helper last tier but the mod has changed a lot and in itís current state I see it being more drama than itís worth. That said we may still use it, or may have a new mod entirely. Iím not sure if it will be officer only or everyone but just letting everyone know.

Fourth, Mythic Plus and why you should do it.

-Honestly Mythic plus is most likely the future of the game.

-The hidden raid tier. I notice some did mythic plus and some did not however if you master the dungeons of BFA early and learn them well you will have a source of mythic item quality gear for the whole expansion. Mythic plus is like a raid tier that never changes the whole expansion. While raid tierís change from patch to patch, M+ dungeons do not (minus affixes).  Once mastered you can use those dungeons to farm mythic quality gear the whole expansion!

-Good in legion, better in BFA. In BFA there is no tier so you wonít get a piece of gear that canít use, nor is there legendaries so you wonít get a M+ piece where your BIS legendary is. In BFA all the gear is a potential upgrade. You can get 1 to 3 pieces now in your chest. You could potentially get a mythic Azerite piece, a Weapon!, or trinket or all at once from one box if you are lucky. You will most likely not get a mythic weapon until really late in the tier (if ever) however  in M+ you can get a mythic quality weapon much faster and will overall help your performance greatly.

-M+ mandatory? We looked at M+ as a whole and thought perhaps everyone should be doing it a little if not a lot however since we are a mid range guild who is semi casual we couldnít think of a good and fair way to force guild mates to do M+ . However, I assure you it will be worth it. Iím hoping seasonal rewards matter a lot too.

-You will gear faster in M+ than you will raiding. There are a lot of fears right now that M+ will replace raiding and after looking at the scaling and how it works I believe itís actually possible. That said M+ is important and if you ever miss raids or arenít able to get into the raids doing M+ is a great way to keep your main strong and relevant in every tier.

-Mythic Plus is HARD! I understand the fear of doing M+. Itís challenging and at the high levels itís way harder than heroic raiding. Instead of working around 1 or 2 one shot mechanics in high end M+ nearly everyone one shots you. You will dieÖ. A lot! You will question your skills as a player. You will make mistakes and wipe the group. You will kill others, you will mess up lots! But once mastered itís feels very good and rewarding! After failing a M+ key 10 times than going in and getting it feels super good. I know itís a different system and itís out of the comfort zone to many players but I assure you once you get used to M+ itís wonderful. Itís unforgiving and you will die more in M+ than you ever will raiding but itís worth it.

-Mythic Plus is more dynamic, instead of using 3/4/5 button rotation on a raid boss you will be using your entire kit. You will interrupt, cc, kite, aoe stuns, slows, use your personals often. You will use more of your character than you ever would raiding. You will learn to master every bit of your class and when you do it will feel so rewarding. Good M+íers will always make good raiders, but good raiders canít always do good in M+. Practice makes perfect.

-Mythic Plus with guildies- Why do with guildies? Because most pugs will not have the patience for your mistakes. Just be honest with guild mates how comfortable you are with the current run. Donít be overconfident, donít except to be carried, play your best! Be HUMBLE!!! Know your limitations! Except to fail over and over again, until you start winning. Do not blame each other. Admit mistakes and learn from them. Everyone wipes a group sometimes.  It will feel super rewarding once you know what to do. 

-M+ Start simple- honestly if everyone did a 4 key the first week of the tier I would be super happy with that. Not even finishing in time, just doing a 4 key will ensure you very good loot the next week. That said if you canít do a 4 key thatís fine, do the highest one you can. Start simple, a good M+íer with a high raider io score didnít just happen randomly. It all about personal improvement and development and you wonít master mythic plus in a day or a week or even a month. And even when you think you master it there are always better ways to do things you could learn.

-M+ and the shit class. Every expansion there are usually 2 to 3 specs that are just really really weak. This could be you and if it is except guildies to carry you a little until blizz buffs your class.
-Get to know your fellow raiders and guildies. Do M+ with guildies, donít pug. Get to know each other a little, be social. I know itís awkward sometimes but I assure you everyone in the guild is mostly a veteran of the game who is friendly/nice. Honestly guild a lot of you are just so shy and nice I want to pull you out of your comfort zones and make you talk. Some of you arenít shy but even the ones that are shy or new to the guild can talk, no one is scary and unapproachable in this guild and believe me Iíve been in guilds like that. This guild is very friendly/nice.

-We have a big family!!! So doing M+ for some people might be even more important to gear up because right away we may have some people waiting on the sidelines to raid. Eventually Iím sure people will miss more raids, or gladly sit for someone else. At the end of antorus in Apr we were getting 16/17/18 people some raids so there is certainly room for everyone because I know some will lose interest.  We have room for everyone and will rotate people in and out but right away it may feel crowded.

Fifth and most importantly, BFA requirements.

-Mythic Zero group. So as we know we have 3 weeks until Uldir and we will need gear to do it. So we will have mythic zero groups forming the same time as our raid times/days. (tues/thurs and maybe sunday).  For the second and third weeks of BFA (before uldir and M+ open).  This isnít technically required granted you do everything you can to get geared up for Uldir.  But if you are interested please show up. I would like to get two dungeons done per group.

- MZero requirements. Be as geared as possible and hopefully 330+(preferred), however, if you are 325+ we may pull people in. If you are under 325 you need to keep doing heroics. Between the freebie rep 340ís and the neck you shouldnít be under 325 for Mythic Zeroís.  We will form groups based off who is the most ready (aka geared). Also be prepared to tank or heal if you are a hybrid, especially if you can tank.

-Uldir gear req is 340, however we may go as low as 335 (variable). Basically the tier goes up 15 items levels per so itís sort of implied that normal Uldir is meant to be done at 340. That said thatís full Mythic zero gear which could be difficult to get to 340 for sure. There will be some unlucky players who do tons of mythic zeroís and still canít get to 340, which is why we are flexing a little lower maybe depending on the situation.  The whole gear score gradient is sort of like a bell curve on a test. Do everything you can and before Uldir we will see where everyone stands. That said donít get to 335 and stop and think you are safe. If someone who is new or returning gets to 345/350 and someone who was core in antorus only gets to 335 we may pull in the player whoís 15 item levels higher for progression. If you raided steady in antorus and get to 340 I donít think any officer can keep you out of the raid at that point. 340 is the safe number right now. 335 is iffy but you still may get in. Itís all situational based of what everyone else in the guild does.

-335 Hard cut off. If you are under 335 (unless the bell curve shifts drastically which I doubt), you will probably not be coming into the first raid. Doesnít mean you wonít be in the 2nd or 3rd raid but you need to get a certain amount of gear to help with the encounters. And because we are a raiding guild we do need some sort of objective standard to raid. If you just run some heroics and do some WQís and get to 330 and except to be brought in over someone whoís ran 25 mythic zeroís at 340 itís unfair to the person who put in the work. If you arenít ready for Uldir, you wonít come to Uldir and this standard applies to everyone in guild. Officers, GMís, tanks, healers, everyone.

-335 is hard meh, if a vast majority of the guild is under 335 we may drop it to 330. However, if most the guild is 335 (20+ people) and you are of the few who isnít 335. Itís youÖ. Itís totally you. Or you are the most unlucky player in the game. If you do work and have done 20+ mythic  zeroís and still arenít 335 it will be shocking however if you are this unlucky we may still bring you in if you are close. But you better be able to prove it with achievements. We donít want to be unfair if someone is lucky with Titanforging and you did 5 times more than that guy but got unlucky. Itís totally officer discretion though soÖ. But believe it or not we are very fair.

-Raid invites, So we talked about every current raider in antorus, all the new people, and returning players about raid invites. We discussed merit and who should get in the first raid but really the variables are too high to calculate. It will come down to GM/Officer discretion on whoís invited to the first raid. And every invite will be cleared through Meril (the inviter). Donít ask any other officer/gm for an invite. That said itís possible we may only get 25 people to the 335 cut off where as our job just became super easy.  If everyone does make the cut off though we will decide based on past performance but also if you are new we want to fit you in also. It could potentially be a rough first couple invites but I have heard of a few people not being able to make the first few weeks, so I would hope/assume most people who want to raid and are ready will get in. That said we want to work in everyone but at the start of an expansion every shows up. So if you are more serious have patience and prove yourself later. If you prove yourself active and a good performer next tier you will gain invite priority over others who dropped off early.

If there are any questions about anything in here feel free to message me over discord.